Shabka Voices

Voices connects knowledge of established peace researchers and practitioners to a wider public. In digging out acknowledged expertise and making it come to life, it enables you to learn about concepts, challenges and possibilities of peace and conflict analyses. Further, Shabka’s Voices project gives you the opportunity to get to know the people who ask today’s uncomfortable questions.

Im Interview: Tarafa Baghajati

Tarafa Baghajati ist Vorsitzender der Initiative muslimischer ÖsterreicherInnen.(IMÖ) Die IMÖ unterstützt interreligiösen Dialog und fördert muslimische Partizipation im öffentlichen Leben. Sie versucht Brücken innerhalb der muslimischen Gemeinschaft zu schlagen und den Kritischen Diskurs innerhalb der Muslimischen Gemeinschaft zu fördern.

Interview with Chantal Mouffe Part 2: Democracy Outside the Box

While Prof. Mouffe talked about the ascent of right wing populism in Europe, Jörg Haider and the connections to incapacities of the centre-left as well as the left in the first part of the interview, in the second part she talks about lessons from Latin America, the interaction between social movements and political parties, and the need of a democratisation of democracy.