Studieren für den Arbeitsmarkt

Harder, faster, Bologna-Prozess. Studieren im Europäischen Hochschulraum heißt, sein Humankapital und seinen Wettbewerbsvorteil auf dem Arbeitsmarkt zu vergrößern. Ganz nach kapitalistischer Logik werden Köpfe mit Wissen befüllt und später als Kapitalgüter gehandelt.

“Bosnian Girl” or What does a victim look like?

Šejla Kamerić discusses the status of art and women in the Balkans as well as her controversial piece “Bosnian Girl.” Inspired by the graffiti printed on the walls of the army barracks of Potočari, the piece takes on a renewed significance as 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

The Zombie Apocalypse and its Relevance for Social Justice Demands

Dead silence on the highway: Empty cars being on and beside the street, one upon another or turned upside down. A lonesome policeman wanders through this metal desert. All of a sudden, he spots a child. The child bends down and grabs a stuffed animal. The policeman attempts to approach the child, as suddenly the child turns around and moves towards him in ghost-like apathetic steps while breathing distortedly.