The tentacles of sectarianism

In a talk about his recent book The Politics of Sectarianism in Postwar Lebanon, Bassel Salloukh introduces the country’s peculiar consociationalism, its sectarian political elite and how failed postwar policies serve the clientelist logic of the systems resilience.

“Bosnian Girl” or What does a victim look like?

Šejla Kamerić discusses the status of art and women in the Balkans as well as her controversial piece “Bosnian Girl.” Inspired by the graffiti printed on the walls of the army barracks of Potočari, the piece takes on a renewed significance as 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

David Harvey: reclaiming the city from Kobane to Baltimore

David Harvey: “I think that the urban question is really becoming a central question today, and the qualities of urban life are moving to the forefront of what contemporary protests are about.” David Harvey visited Diyarbakir and talked with Sardar Saadi about similarities and differences of social struggles around the globe, popular resistance and urbanisation .