About Us

Shabka is about connecting people, ideas and perspectives of the world we live in. It is a network that provides a space to come together, discuss and create.

The very essence of what people invest in this mission is captured on this website.


Mainstream information often leaves aside important topics or marginalizes them. We counter this and shed light on the complexity of what is happening around us.
Education is often conservative and increasingly shaped by commercialism. Instead, we offer room to exchange views, to think about global developments and to be creative.
The world's incomprehensiveness is often reduced to simple answers. We constantly question the world we live in and address today's challenges, globally and locally.
Everybody has a stake in today's global society. We create a space that allows collaboration of people with different backgrounds to work with each other.
There is a lot that we can learn from each other. In our international network we bring people and ideas together and we speak up.
By making our ideas visible, we make them accessible to a wider public. Ultimately, we enable people to be critical and form their own opinions.

Today’s pressing challenges are not isolated problems.

They are more interconnected than one might think.

Connect with us!

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