Connecting people, ideas and perspectives

Shabka is a network to come together, discuss and create

Salon Shabka

opens a space for political and societal discussion. It’s a space off the beaten track of hectic and hurried public discourses that favor dominant mainstream arguments. Instead, the Salon is intense. It’s controversial. Sophisticated. Deliberative. Salon Shabka offers you a detailed and critical context to the complexity of what is happening around us.


Within its global network, our Journal combines education, journalism and academia. On the one hand, it raises awareness as it addresses today's challenges through commentaries and background analyses. On the other hand, it provokes impulses, dialogue and controversial debates informed by multiple perspectives.


connects knowledge of established peace researchers and practitioners to a wider public. In digging out acknowledged expertise and making it come to life, it enables you to learn about concepts, challenges and possibilities of peace and conflict analyses. Further, Shabka’s Voices project gives you the opportunity to get to know the people who ask today’s uncomfortable questions.

Shabka Exchange

is where Shabka members are brought together and new ideas are being developed. It’s also where we put our current projects to the test and exchange views. The Exchange is at the center of our idea of a global network as it offers the opportunity to think, talk and learn. And there is a lot that we can learn from each other.

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