Friedensforschung, ein Kompass in stürmischen Zeiten


Schon beim Anlesen des neuen ZFF Jahrbuchs wird klar: Die Friedensforschung ist ein Dickicht, das es aufzuforsten gilt. Werner Wintersteiner und Lisa Wolf haben sich dieser Aufgabe aus Anlass des zehnjährigen Bestehens des ZFF angenommen und so einen facettenreichen Band geschaffen, der viele Zukunftsperspektiven aufzeigt, aber auch einige Fragen stellt.

A new Europe after Brexit! …?

Pic: Quinn Dombrowski, CC BY-SA 2.0, altered by Shabka.

In haze of the wake of events following a Brexit that actually became real, there are a lot of thoughts floating around. Mostly, there are fears and questions, sure, but there is also a bit of hope out there – at least for some. Let’s have a look.

The tentacles of sectarianism

"All 128 MPs are the same." This is a graffiti that was done on the wall the government erected between the Gran Serail and the square where protesters gathered, on the first days of the garbage crisis protests last summer. The parliamentary confessional system greatly reinforces sectarianism in Lebanon. Photo: Sarah Shmaitilly, Beirut Syndrome.

In a talk about his recent book The Politics of Sectarianism in Postwar Lebanon, Bassel Salloukh introduces the country’s peculiar consociationalism, its sectarian political elite and how failed postwar policies serve the clientelist logic of the systems resilience.